Conquesto Luxury Japan Collection

Conquesto Japan Collection “Miyabi” and “Rin” are inspired in Kyoto.


“Miyabi” ‘s pattern is based wave line called “Tatewaku”.
That is Japanese traditional and famous pattern used since about 794 in aristcaft of Imperial court.

Original drawing

“Miyabi” means Elegant. This drawing was created by Jun Miyata with Japanese popular pattern like a Sakura,Japanese wave and so on.

Sakura、Japanese wave and so on

Your wonderful life and happy days ….such a wish is put in this work.


“Rin” ‘s pattern is based Bamboo and Full moon.
The bamboo in Kyoto is wellknow and is writen in popular japanese fairy tale “The Tale of the Bamboo cutter” as well .

Designed by Jun Miyata

“Rin” means dignified. This bamboo is Pseudosasa japonica(Arrow bamboo) that had used as a arrow or bamboo fence long time ago.
Full moon was drawn by one-stroke written. Both of them are very popular as lucky things in Japan.

Moon of one-stroke written

Your dreams come true….such a wish is put in this work.

Please feel Japanese sprit through these collection.