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SCACCHI is Luxury Reed free Diffuser of “STELLA CROCE” that is Japanese interior design brand. That is  very good for using fragrance oil in Car or in conpact space like a rest room or bed side near pillow.  They are created one by one perfectly handwork of  skilled artisans. And there are two series “Mable” and “Arita Porcelain” in SCACCHI.  Mable SCACCHI is made by Noriaki.U who is Mable artist. Arita Pocelain SCACCHI is made by “Yazaemon Kiln” that was established over 200 years ago.

Porcelain SCACCHI "Gold" and "Platinum"

As for Arita Porcelain SCACCHI, it is used that advantage of the unique techniques inherited in tradition of Yozaemon kiln, which evolved through countless trials.


Porcelain SCACCHI "Sakura" and "Sola"

Directions for use:

SCACCHI put in drink folder in the car

Please put the wood ball on the SCACCHI like a below.
One wood ball on under part. 
5 wood balls on middle part.
Last wood ball on top part.
Then drop the content of fragrance oil on the wood balls.
Before every driving or sometine you want, please fill the fragrance oil in. 
※When you remove the top aprt of wood ball, you can use scacchi more stedlly under driving. 

Scacchi which is removed Top part of the wood ball from

マーブルスカッキ ブラック:寝室への設置イメージ

instruction for Maintenace,care and washing:

Clean with a soft cloth containing a small amount of non-abrasive wax to maintain a gloss. To avoid the natural mable melthing, wipes quickly spilled fragrance or acidic liquids from the marble.

【Porcelain SCACCHI】
To keep a gloss of “Gold” or “Platinum”, wash the scacchi with water containing bleach. Note: Do not get the felt part wet.