Dear Customer

The CONQUESTO is luxury fragrance bottle of STELLA CROCE that is Japanese interior design brand. Glass bottle part are printed by hand using silk-screens, which give very fine and delicate results. Working by hand, all the stages can be carefully supervised to give very high quality. Firing at approximately 580°C  guarantees the inalterability of the Silver 980/1000, of the 24Kt Gold and of the Platinum. The upper decorative part are made of wood or aluminum (coated with 18Kt or Ni). In collaboration with the home fragrance brand “CHIARA FIRENZE”, we create the most luxurious and comfortable atmosphere in your room.


Directions for use:

Remove the upper decorative part and pour the content of the refill bottle in glass container. Then put the upper decorative part back on. And put the all sticks inside the glass bottle to let them absorb the fragrance. To increase the fragrance intensity in the room turns the sticks upside down.


Instruction for Maintenance, care and washing:

【Glass bottle】
Like all real Silver, our Silver decoration is subjected to natural tarnishing. Use specific products to polish the Silver. Wash preferably by hand using a little detergent. Never use abrasive sponge. Rinse gently using a soft, non abrasive cloth.

【Marble base】
Clean with a soft cloth containing a small amount of non-abrasive wax to maintain a gloss. To avoid the natural marble melting, wipes quickly spilled fragrance or acidic liquids from the marble base.